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This edition of our magazine tackles pressing issues such as …

Dynamic Lending
Executive Interview with Kelli Himebaugh, Chief Revenue Officer at Constellation Mortgage Solutions
When Should Lenders Make The Decision To Replace Technology Applications?
By Dawar Alimi, CEO and Co-Founder at Lender Price
The Number Of HOAs Is Growing And So Are The Problems They Can Cause For Servicers
By John Walsh, Chief Executive Officer at LERETA
The Power Of Video In Mortgage Lending
By Dalila Ramos, Founder at Love & Tacos Media
Driving Down The Total Cost of Mortgage CRM Ownership
By Josh Friend, CEO at Insellerate
Business Strategies Column: Don’t Fear A Recession
By Michael Hammond, Founder and President at NexLevel Advisors
Marketpulse: AI And Unemployment
Industry Trends
Editor’s Note: Industry Experience Is In Demand
By Tony Garritano, Founder at PROGRESS in Lending