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Churchill Mortgage Acquires Elev8 Mortgage

 Churchill Mortgage, a lender providing conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 46 states, has acquired Elev8 Mortgage.

In Bend, Ore., with a population of 94,520, Elev8 grew from a new broker shop to producing an average of $100 million a year. With the acquisition of Elev8, Churchill Mortgage will be transitioning their entire team and office into a leading Churchill branch made up of former Elev8 employees offering more than 100 years of combined experience.

“We made the decision to join Churchill Mortgage because of the unique position that the company holds in the industry,” said Dan Williams, President of Elev8 Mortgage. “Churchill’s current broker model is unlike others in the mortgage space. The company has a culture and brand behind it that stands for more than just closing a loan – it is about leaving customers in a better position by helping them achieve debt-free homeownership. Churchill Mortgage does all of this while offering incredible products and rates, delivered with technology that is best in class. There was no downside to this acquisition. It will only improve our business and our incredible team.” 

“Acquiring Elev8 made sense because the team’s culture, vision and innovative mindset are all aligned with Churchill Mortgage,” said Churchill Mortgage Vice President of the Northwest Region, Kevin J. Hanna. “We believe in putting people over profits and creating an exceptional experience for our borrowers, employees and partners alike. Our shared goals and ideals make the acquisition a perfect fit. There is continued growth and expansion on the horizon in the Pacific Northwest for Churchill Mortgage. With Team Elev8, powered by Churchill Mortgage, we will move the industry forward.”

The Pacific Northwest continues to have one of the most competitive housing markets in the nation. In addition to the recent acquisition of Elev8 Mortgage, Churchill Mortgage has continued its expansion in the area with locations in Eagle Creek, Alaska as well as Lincoln City, Ore. to equip local borrowers with the tools and services to make smarter mortgage decisions.

Founded in 1992, Churchill Mortgage is a privately-owned company by its more than 400 employees. A full-service and financially sound leader in the mortgage industry, the company provides conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 46 states. As heard on personal finance expert and author Dave Ramsey’s nationally syndicated radio show, the lender’s mission is to help borrowers achieve debt-free homeownership and build wealth through a smarter mortgage plan, regardless of their starting point. Churchill Mortgage is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Churchill Holdings, Inc.