Transforming LO Compensation

In today’s highly competitive and constantly changing mortgage marketplace, it is now more important than ever to retain top loan officers by transforming loan officer compensation. 

Excel sheets, post it notes are not going to cut it. Neither is lack of transparency or inconsistent compensation plans across branches and the entire organization.  The cost of losing top talent is too high!

That is why Awesome Technologies created E-Compensate a powerful compensation solution that is easy to implement for your HR dept, compliant for your company and transparent for your LO’s.

This new solution directly addresses some of the major pain points that lenders are facing which provides lenders with the ability to do the following:

Setup Commissions, Pull Data from LOS, Begin Process, and You-are-all-set.

E-COMPENSATE is a powerful and flexible web-based commission application. It calculates employee compensations quickly, accurately and efficiently. 

Works with all leading LOS (Loan Origination Systems)!

  • Automatic calculations, recoup and draws
  • Bonuses based on volume, unit or hybrid
  • Calculate, verify & distribute information
  • Transparency with end-users with multiple approval workflows
  • Set yourself free from Excel Spreadsheets
  • Happy sales top-performers

Automated Calculations

E-COMPENSATE can calculate commissions based on different criteria. Users can calculate and create numerous compensation plans (Fixed, Tiered and Bonus based)! Plans can be based on Units, Volume, Branch Production, Another User’s Production, Company Production or any combination of items.

Seamless Workflow

E-COMPENSATE contains three types of workflows to select from where different approval levels are selected. Some examples include Employee -> Branch Manager or Employee -> Branch Manager -> HR Manager. Multiple workflows help companies select their best fit.

Visibility Dashboards

With our focused dashboards, you can see a helicopter view of your Sales Commission distribution. It allows you to see the trends and look at the outliers instantly. There are dashboards available for Executives, Managers & Employees to see their own view based on permissions.

And the cool thing about it is, it can integrate in less than 30 days to any major LOS or accounting software.  Now more than ever it is critical to retain top talent and one of the best ways to do so is through transformative compensation software.